Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash – Technical Market Analysis

Bitcoin prices continue to rise with support at $9,200 and $8,600 respectively.
There is a major bullish trend line on the 4-hour chart with support at $9,150
Bitcoin should continue to move up and may exceed $10,000 in the near future
The Bitcoin price is well above the $8,600 support level. Bitcoin will increase its profits above $10,000 in the medium term.

Technical indicators Signals

Last week, the Bitcoin price gained momentum and moved toward $9,800 and a downward correction was initiated as sellers got the upper hand and the price fell below support levels of $9,500 and $9,200, respectively. But near the $9,000 mark, a rally began and buyers also managed to break a connecting bearish trend line with resistance at $9,200. It looks like Bitcoin is on an uptrend again. It is important that the price breaks the important $10,000 mark to reach a new high for the month.

Bitcoin Chart from TradingView

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis

Looking at the graph, from scamcontrol an important bullish trend line appears with support at $9,150. If the price corrects downwards from current levels, support levels of $9,200, $9,150 and $9,000 could counteract the decline. The RSI is moving towards 65 and signals a buyer market. To crack the $10,000, the resistance at $9,750 must first be broken. The largest support level is at $9,150.

Ether Price Highlights
The Ether price defied the downward correction near $600 and recovered against the US dollar.
A strong bullish trend line is forming on the 4-hour chart with support at $660
Ether continues a strong upward trend
The Ether price trades at a positive angle to the US dollar and could even reach a new high for the month. Analysts expect an ether price of $2,500 by the end of 2018.

Technical indicators Signals for Bitcoin Trader

The price traded to $714.52 before a downward correction was initiated. Ether faced strong selling interest, pushing the price below support levels of $680 and $640. Visit the Bitcoin Trader here: However, the downtrend was protected by the $600 support zone. Crucial is that a strong bullish trend line with a current support at $660 on the 4-hour chart is intact. Ether is currently trading near $695 and it appears that the price may continue to rise. A successful breach of resistance at $700 could trigger a surge above $714.52 in the short term.

Ethereum Chart from TradingView

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis
The chart shows that the price is still supported above $660. We can clearly see the strong upward trend that has already been confirmed three times. The RSI is currently relatively balanced and is close to the 55 mark. The highest support level is currently $660, while the resistance is at $700.

Bitcoin Cash Prize Highlights
Bitcoin Cash corrected and tested an important support line at $1,240
A bullish trend line is forming on the 4-hour chart, supporting at $1,320
BCH is still on an uptrend and may soon break the $1,500 resistance for further gains.
Bitcoin cash could continue to rise towards $1,500 and $1,600 in the short term.

Technical indicators Signals
After a solid recovery, Bitcoin Cash rose above $1,576 against the US dollar. A downward correction then followed and the price moved below $1,500. The downward movement led to a rapid fall, with the correction breaking the price at $1,300.

The downward movement found support at $1,240, forming a base and the price resumed its upward trend. It is now back above the $1,400 resistance and trading in a bullish zone. A bullish trend line is also forming on the 4-hour chart with support at $1,320.

Bitcoin Cash Chart from TradingView


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Instructions: Buying and selling Steem

You want to buy and sell Steem? This guide will help you to buy or sell Steem.
First visit the website onlinebetrug and click on the menu item “Register” (Figure 1). On the following page you must first enter your e-mail address and a secure password for logging in. You will then receive an email verification link to confirm your account.
Figure 1
After successful registration you have to login to Binance. After you have clicked on the menu item “Login”, a kind of puzzle appears, where you have to insert the missing piece of the puzzle with the help of the slider (Figure 2 – Spam protection). After we have inserted the missing piece of the puzzle, we get to the start screen.
Figure 2

Verify with Binance (not) is one of the few exchanges that does not require complete verification. However, you cannot deposit Fiat currencies such as Euro, CHF or Dollar. You can only deposit crypto currencies.

After registration you will have level 1 status. Level 1 status means that you can withdraw coins with a maximum value of 2 bitcoins per day. If you wish to increase your daily withdrawal limit to 100 Bitcoins, you must provide your personal information. The front and back of your identity card and a selfie with your identity card in your hand are required.

No crypto currencies yet?

You cannot deposit FIAT currencies (EUR, CHF) at Binance. Therefore you need crypto currencies, which you can deposit. If you do not yet have any crypto currencies, you have the following options:

You can find a complete overview and reviews of stock exchanges at



Exchange Office Bitpanda

A step-by-step guide to the Bitpanda exchange office can be found here.


A step by step guide to Coinbase can be found here.

Buy instructions with PayPal

Deposit crypto currencies at Binance
To make a deposit, click on “Medium” in the Binance menu and on “Deposit” in the drop-down menu. Now you have to choose which coin you want to deposit (Figure 3).
Figure 3
Select the crypto currency you would like to deposit and have the deposit address displayed. You can now deposit your digital currency into these (see Figure 4). In this tutorial I will deposit the digital currency Ether.
Figure 4

Buy on Binance Steem

After your coins arrive at Binance, you can start buying Steem. To do this, click on the “Stock Exchange” menu item and then select the “Traiding Pair”. You can swap Steem for the following crypto currencies directly:

If you have not deposited any of the top currencies, you must first exchange your deposited currency for one of the top coins to buy Steem.

To buy Steem now, you must first enter the desired quantity in “Buy STEEM” (Figure 5). You can set the price per STEEM here. If you do not do this, the market price will be used.

After you have set the quantity and the price, you only have to click on “Buy STEEM”. After a few seconds you should receive a confirmation for the purchase. You can find the Steem you just bought in your Binance online wallet after shopping.

Sell on Binance Steem
To sell Steem on Binance, you must first deposit it into Binance (see Figure 3). As soon as the deposit has been credited, you can sell your coins on the exchange (under “Exchange”) for the offered crypto currencies.

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Analysts assess the future of the crypto currency positively

Analysts assess the future of the crypto currency positively and underline its functionality and investment opportunities. Simplified access to innovative financial instruments offers investors great opportunities and prospects for the Iconomi Coin course. A reputation system and a block chain reduce the risk of losing investments.

Some experts also highlight the shortcomings of the system. The most important concern the technical implementation of the project and the volatility of the economic crypto currency. However, this applies to almost all crypto currencies. Experts also point to the potential for developers to intervene in certain processes, which can affect the Iconomi Coin course.

An important aspect is also highlighted by the lack of serious developments or projects within the platform. The toolkit presented is diverse, but the proposed investment campaigns are rather monotonous and question the need for mediation in the person of the managers and the funds they manage, which can raise question marks in ICN Coin forecasting.

Special attention is paid to the crypto currency of ICN. Its purpose is for the internal functions and transactions that provide access to the platform tools and asset management. With the growing popularity of the platform, the need for digital money is growing, creating good growth prospects for this crypto currency.

Create Wallet
You can add the ICN token to the Ethereum Wallet. You do not need an Iconomi Wallet, as it is based on the Ethereum standard Erc20.

These instructions are written for the ICO.NOMI token, because it is based on the ERC 20 standard and therefore does not need its own wallet and can be easily added to the MyEtherWallet (MEW).

Open your Ethereum Wallet MEW
The wallet must be synchronized with the network
Click on the CONTRACTS
Scroll to CUSTOM TOKENS and click on WATCH TOKEN
Input in token contract address: 0x888666CA69E0f178DED6D75b5726Cee99A87D698
All fields should be filled in automatically. Click on OK.
Go back to the WALLETS tab and then click ACCOUNTS. Your ICON.OMI account should appear in the middle part of the screen.
It is normal when the ICONOMI entry is displayed. The ICN tokens can be sent to any ETH address.

Where can I buy the Iconomi Coin?
First you must create an Iconomi Wallet before you can buy the Iconomi Coin to store the coins safely. To create the wallet you can use the MyEtherwallet, which can store any coin on the block chain of the Ethereum network, including ICN coin. You need to create a password for your wallet so that no one can access your coin. Then buy the ether on Coinbase and exchange it for the crypto currency at the Binance Exchange.

The crypto currency Iconomi Coin has a steady upward trend, which makes it an advantageous investment itself. In general, analysts assess the opportunities to invest in the project as positive in the short or long term. Such an evaluation refers to the development of the platform and the addition of new tools based on relevance and user activity.

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