Soccer star Gerard Piqué invests in Sorare’s blockchain game

Gerard Piqué believes in the future of blockchain gaming and invests in Ethereum Code scam. The blockchain-based fantasy soccer game grew rapidly in 2020 and was able to bring some top teams on board.

Together with the former Vice President of Coca Cola, Emmanuel Seugé, Gerard Piqué is investing three million euros in Sorare. In recent years, the soccer star has repeatedly appeared as an investor and in 2017 he had his own holding company Kosmos founded.

Most recently, Piqué expressed himself in a press release from Sorare, which BTC-Echo has received, about his investment:

I see huge potential in the sports gaming segment. In a digital world, fan attention is the most important currency. I look forward to helping Sorare build its partnerships with football leagues, clubs and players.

Piqué and Seugé are convinced that fans are looking for new ways to be able to cheer with their idols. Therefore, the two see a lot of potential in Sorare’s fantasy football game.

Some top teams are there – where is Piqué’s FC Barcelona?

In 2020, Sorare made NFT history. The sales volume of the cards grew by more than 1,000 percent on an annual basis and 80 clubs joined the platform. Mainly because of this, the emerging industry is getting more and more attention from investors such as Piqué and the former Vice President of Coca Cola.

The clubs that Sorare joined in 2020 include world-famous teams such as FC Bayern Munich , Inter Milan , Paris Saint-Germain and Bayer Leverkusen . Gerard Piqué’s FC Barcelona is still missing. From the press release, however, it emerges that more “champions” are to be added by the end of the year. It is still unclear which teams are meant by this.

If you want to find out more about the fantasy soccer platform, you can take a look at our test of the game.

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Christmas and New Years are coming: what if you bought your wine and champagne in bitcoin?

Bitcoin Celebration – Adoption of Bitcoin requires its acceptance as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Today, the site and the Luna project are taking another small step by allowing the purchase of bottles of wine by cryptocurrency.

Buy a good bottle for a few satoshis becomes the first French site foronline wine salesto adopt payments via Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

To launch this pioneering project, joined forces with LUNU Solutions , a technological start-up specializing in cryptocurrency payment systems.

“This association is a first step towards democratizing bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments in wine e-commerce in France – a particularly dynamic sector at the forefront of digital trends. ”

Massimo Moretti, head of LUNU Partnerships

We had already told you about LUNU with the jeweler Courbet from Place Vendôme , since this crypto-payments solution had been chosen by this company to sell its jewelry.

Alcohol purchases on can be done via a secure widget , which will allow customers to instantly access the best crypto / euro exchange rate at the time of the transaction, so that they can make their payments in BTC or ETH seamlessly.

“The LUNU widget will be very easy to use (…) speed of purchase is one of the primary criteria for customer satisfaction. The professionalism and vision of LUNU Solutions seduced us, and they offer an immediate repayment in euros of purchases paid in bitcoin. There will be no need for a minimum order amount (…) ”

Jean-Christophe Gallois, Director of Operations at

With the recent rise in prices, the purchasing power of bitcoins has strengthened. Now is the perfect time to make the most of it, buying a few bottles of wine and / or champagne for the holidays or the new year ahead. But always in moderation, of course!

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