Where can you buy the EOS Coin?

One way to get the tokens is to participate in the Initial Coin Offering. This will continue until 01 June 2018. You have to register on the Block.one website. There you will get detailed instructions on how to get a few tokens. Briefly summarized: You have to own Ether, the coin of Ethereum, and send it to certain Ethereum smart-contract addresses. After the 23 hour period is over, you will be sent to EOS. You have to be careful not to use an Exchange Wallet. These cannot be assigned and the tokens then do not arrive.

Another possibility is the exchange against Bitcoins. To do this, you have to register on one of the crypto exchanges that also trade with EOS. There you buy Bitcoin with Fiat money or use already bought Bitcoins to buy EOS. Possible file-sharing sites include Kraken and Bitfinix.

EOS token and Bitcoin profit

The tokens have been available on the Ethereum platform since 26 June 2017. Buying coins directly is not possible yet, the tokens have to be exchanged for Bitcoin profit. A total of one billion tokens will be distributed over time. A smart contract ensures that the tokens are distributed properly. Read more about it: https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/bitcoin-profit/ The Initial Coin Offering runs over a period of 341 days. 200 million tokens were issued after just a few days. The remaining 700 million are distributed at 350 individual intervals of 23 hours each. In each interval there will be 2 million tokens. The EOS.IO developers reserve the rest for themselves.

The developers have chosen this type of token distribution so that as many people as possible can participate in the distribution process. This leaves enough time for them to decide whether they want to participate in the project or just observe the development. Since the token is still largely conceptual, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering, the first issue of coins of a crypto currency) was carried out on the Ethereum platform. The ICO has been very successful so far and attracted a lot of attention. This could certainly be due to Larimer’s rather weighty name and the marketing that his team has diligently pursued. Mainstream media like Reuters and the New York Times were interested in the distribution of tokens and right from the start the crypto currency jumped into the top 10 of market capitalization.

What may confuse many is what the developers write about their own tokens: It has no rights, no use, no purpose, no features, no functions. So the question arises, why should one buy at all? The tokens really don’t have a function at the moment. They’re just tokens, that is, they’ll be exchanged for something else later. Then, when the EOS.IO will finally be available.

Create EOS Wallet for Bitcoin trader

Before you buy a coin, you should first buy an EOS Wallet. Because the Bitcoin trader tokens have to be stored somewhere. One possibility is the Exodus Wallet, which can be downloaded and installed on any Bitcoin trader operating system. Once the wallet is installed, you can use Receive to obtain an address to which the EOS can be sent.

Conclusion EOS Coin
A precise forecast for 2018 will be particularly difficult to make if the EOS.IO is still in the development phase and the actual coin is sometimes only a token. The concept sounds promising and the rising price on the stock market makes you sit up and take notice. Maybe the crypto currency will one day be one of the big ones and it’s worth getting into it now.

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