Soccer star Gerard Piqué invests in Sorare’s blockchain game

Gerard Piqué believes in the future of blockchain gaming and invests in Ethereum Code scam. The blockchain-based fantasy soccer game grew rapidly in 2020 and was able to bring some top teams on board.

Together with the former Vice President of Coca Cola, Emmanuel Seugé, Gerard Piqué is investing three million euros in Sorare. In recent years, the soccer star has repeatedly appeared as an investor and in 2017 he had his own holding company Kosmos founded.

Most recently, Piqué expressed himself in a press release from Sorare, which BTC-Echo has received, about his investment:

I see huge potential in the sports gaming segment. In a digital world, fan attention is the most important currency. I look forward to helping Sorare build its partnerships with football leagues, clubs and players.

Piqué and Seugé are convinced that fans are looking for new ways to be able to cheer with their idols. Therefore, the two see a lot of potential in Sorare’s fantasy football game.

Some top teams are there – where is Piqué’s FC Barcelona?

In 2020, Sorare made NFT history. The sales volume of the cards grew by more than 1,000 percent on an annual basis and 80 clubs joined the platform. Mainly because of this, the emerging industry is getting more and more attention from investors such as Piqué and the former Vice President of Coca Cola.

The clubs that Sorare joined in 2020 include world-famous teams such as FC Bayern Munich , Inter Milan , Paris Saint-Germain and Bayer Leverkusen . Gerard Piqué’s FC Barcelona is still missing. From the press release, however, it emerges that more “champions” are to be added by the end of the year. It is still unclear which teams are meant by this.

If you want to find out more about the fantasy soccer platform, you can take a look at our test of the game.

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Christmas and New Years are coming: what if you bought your wine and champagne in bitcoin?

Bitcoin Celebration – Adoption of Bitcoin requires its acceptance as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Today, the site and the Luna project are taking another small step by allowing the purchase of bottles of wine by cryptocurrency.

Buy a good bottle for a few satoshis becomes the first French site foronline wine salesto adopt payments via Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

To launch this pioneering project, joined forces with LUNU Solutions , a technological start-up specializing in cryptocurrency payment systems.

“This association is a first step towards democratizing bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments in wine e-commerce in France – a particularly dynamic sector at the forefront of digital trends. ”

Massimo Moretti, head of LUNU Partnerships

We had already told you about LUNU with the jeweler Courbet from Place Vendôme , since this crypto-payments solution had been chosen by this company to sell its jewelry.

Alcohol purchases on can be done via a secure widget , which will allow customers to instantly access the best crypto / euro exchange rate at the time of the transaction, so that they can make their payments in BTC or ETH seamlessly.

“The LUNU widget will be very easy to use (…) speed of purchase is one of the primary criteria for customer satisfaction. The professionalism and vision of LUNU Solutions seduced us, and they offer an immediate repayment in euros of purchases paid in bitcoin. There will be no need for a minimum order amount (…) ”

Jean-Christophe Gallois, Director of Operations at

With the recent rise in prices, the purchasing power of bitcoins has strengthened. Now is the perfect time to make the most of it, buying a few bottles of wine and / or champagne for the holidays or the new year ahead. But always in moderation, of course!

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Bitcoin rejected at critical support level – but analysts remain bullish

Bitcoin saw a sharp drop overnight that came after a period of immense strength.

That brought BTC up to $ 18,000, which has long been a strong support for the cryptocurrency

Where bitcoin heads next will largely depend on whether it can hold out above the support that exists at this important price level.

One trader points out how aggressively this bear market was bought – suggesting that Bitcoin may be able to see significantly more upside potential in the near future.

Bitcoin has shown some signs of immense strength over the past few days and weeks, with buyers trying to take control of price action as the bears have shown the first signs of vitality for weeks.

The coming days should provide some serious insight into where the entire market is headed next.

A trader now notes that the cryptocurrency’s reaction to this sell-off suggests that a long-term floor price is being created.

He believes this will allow BTC to rebound and continue its rise, “undoing” the first wave of overzealous buyers.

Bitcoin experiences its first major sell-off, reaching $ 19,000

Over the course of Bitcoin’s multi-month uptrend, the cryptocurrency has shown some immense signs of strength and seen only fleeting sell-offs, each followed by an uptrend.

This recent slump does not seem to be an exception to this trend – BTC price climbed as high as $ 17,650 before facing a “V-shaped” rebound that caused it to move significantly higher.

The asset is now in the process of recovering the profits that were lost as a result of this decline. And BTC may be able to make further gains in the near future.

Analyst: Bitcoin has hit a new floor price

One trader wrote in a tweet: The reaction of the cryptocurrency to this recent sell-off suggests that a new price floor has been reached that could allow BTC to move significantly higher.

He is now watching an upward move and comments that the aggressive buying pressure during this recent rally has been encouraging.

“What to watch out for now is how aggressively this dip is being bought. I think the soil will passively prevail. First, overzealous buyers are ruined. This is a sign of that. ”

The trends of the next few hours should provide some insight into how Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets will behave this week.

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Bitcoin se voit attribuer 16 500 dollars alors qu’un record absolu entre en jeu

Le rallye Bitcoin ne montre aucun signe de ralentissement, car le bien numérique le plus populaire au monde a de nouveau atteint un nouveau sommet aujourd’hui.

Au cours de la séance de négociation de vendredi matin en Asie, le bitcoin a atteint son prix le plus élevé depuis janvier 2018, pour atteindre 16 490 dollars, selon le site Ce mouvement massif s’inscrit dans le prolongement de l’élan de novembre et a ajouté 5 % supplémentaires au roi de la cryptographie au cours des dernières 24 heures.

Rien que cette semaine, la BTC a fait 7% et depuis le début du mois, il y a moins de quinze jours, elle a fait 20%, surpassant presque toutes les autres classes d’actifs traditionnelles.
Prix des bitcoins

La CTB semble à nouveau s’attaquer aux marchés des altcoins, sa domination ayant atteint un sommet de 66 % en six mois.
L’ATH Bitcoin Future de nouveau en jeu

Les analystes envisagent maintenant le précédent record de 20 000 dollars comme prochaine cible si l’élan continue à se renforcer. La CTB n’est plus qu’à 21 % de ce pic élevé qui a été atteint pour la dernière fois il y a près de trois ans.

Le trader et analyste Josh Rager a conseillé de garder un œil sur les niveaux de résistance pendant ce rallye de 2017 car ils pourraient devenir des points de rejet pendant celui-ci.


Gardez un œil sur ces niveaux clés du prix du bitcoin (quotidien/hebdomadaire) par rapport aux sommets de 2017-2018

Ils pourraient probablement rejeter avant de passer à la vitesse supérieure

L’analyste de données “écoinométriques” a tracé un mouvement potentiel qui pourrait permettre à la CTB d’atteindre 20 000 dollars très bientôt. Si ce graphique se vérifie, les prix pourraient atteindre 40 000 dollars d’ici la fin de l’année et atteindre les six chiffres en 2021.

184 jours après la troisième réduction de moitié.

Des prédictions similaires ont été faites par l’analyste “PlanB” avec son modèle stock-flux comme récemment rapporté par CryptoPotato. Le modèle, qui est également basé sur des événements de réduction de moitié, prévoit également un prix de Bitcoin à six chiffres d’ici la fin de l’année prochaine.

Le signal de contre-courant de la CNBC est un élément qui pourrait freiner les choses. Lors du précédent marché haussier, les grands médias avaient tendance à porter la poisse chaque fois qu’ils couvraient les prix des bitcoins, et ils viennent de le faire à nouveau !

Bitcoin rebondit ! La cryptocouronne a franchi la barre des 16 000 dollars aujourd’hui pour la première fois depuis 2018, les investisseurs ayant rebondi dans le marché.

Et les altcoins ?

Alors que la capitalisation boursière totale est également à son plus haut niveau depuis plus de deux ans, dépassant les 465 milliards de dollars, les altcoins ne sont pas très appréciés en ce moment.

Ethereum, qui ne devrait pas vraiment s’appeler un altcoin, est resté à plat, oscillant autour du niveau de 460 dollars, alors que XRP a en fait légèrement reculé ce jour-là. La plupart des autres altcoins à forte capitalisation sont à plat ou dans le rouge en ce moment, à l’exception de Litecoin qui égalise les gains de son grand frère, en ajoutant 6% au top 62.

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  • Les opérateurs ont longtemps considéré le jour des élections comme un catalyseur potentiel de la volatilité des bitcoins qui contribue à façonner la tendance future de la cryptocouronne
  • Ce jour est arrivé, et la CTB constate ce matin une action positive sur les prix
  • Les taureaux sont en train de pousser la crypto vers sa résistance de 13 800 dollars qui s’est maintenue tout au long de ces dernières semaines
  • Un opérateur ne s’attend pas à ce que cet élan dure trop longtemps, car il note qu’une évolution vers la région des 11 000 dollars pourrait être envisagée
  • Il note que la descente vers ce niveau devrait commencer dans les prochains jours

Bitcoin Evolution voit une forte action sur les prix à l’approche des élections, avec des taureaux qui tentent de tester à nouveau la résistance que le crypto a établie autour de 13 800 $.

Bien que sa dernière bougie mensuelle se soit fermée au-dessus de ce niveau, il est important de noter que la CTB a fait face à de multiples rejets rapides ici qui ont rendu incroyablement floue la tendance à court terme.

Un analyste s’attend à une baisse. Il pense que la prochaine tendance pourrait envoyer Bitcoin vers la région des 11 000 dollars avant qu’elle n’établisse un soutien et des rassemblements à long terme.


Au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, Bitcoin est en hausse d’un peu moins de 1 % à son prix actuel de 13 700 dollars. C’est à peu près là qu’il s’est négocié ces dernières heures.

Il n’a pas encore été testé à nouveau pour 13 800 dollars, mais ce niveau va sans doute déclencher une intense volatilité s’il est dépassé ou s’il catalyse un nouveau rejet.

De nombreux investisseurs attendent les résultats de l’élection avant de se lancer dans la cryptographie.


Tout en expliquant où il pense que Bitcoin va évoluer dans les prochains jours, un analyste a déclaré que la forte résistance de Bitcoin le ferait probablement baisser vers 11 500 dollars avant qu’il ne puisse trouver un soutien sérieux.

“La résistance s’est tenue hier sur la CTB et j’ai ajouté au court-métrage. C’est une excellente mise en place car l’invalidation est très claire. L’action sur les prix commence à se consolider maintenant, et on s’attend à ce que cela commence à bouger bientôt. Plus qu’heureux de se couvrir également sur une cassure à la hausse”, a-t-il déclaré, en partie, tout en pointant le graphique ci-dessous.

Les prochaines tendances de Bitcoin dépendront probablement en grande partie des résultats des élections de ce soir, car de nombreux traders pensent qu’un candidat renforcera le paysage macroéconomique plus que l’autre.

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U.S. bank achieves 40% more revenue through Bitcoin exchanges

The American bank Silvergate seems to have found a gap in the Bitcoin market, according to the latest quarterly figures. The quarterly figures look promising.

Their Silvergate Exchange Network provides a simple service: liquidity. You can contact them 24 hours, 7 days a week for fresh dollars. And in times when the Bitcoin Circuit rate is rising rapidly, that’s welcome for exchanges. It’s a nightmare for an exchange not to be liquid. And in a suddenly rising market, it’s a risk.

That’s what exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp and Gemini have understood, because they are clients of Silvergate. They are less likely to find themselves at traditional large banks.

For example, $586 million has been deposited into accounts of Bitcoin companies and high net worth individuals. In total, Silvergate now serves about 928 customers with their money service. These are mainly institutional customers, approximately 600 of them.

This makes it the largest total of deposits since the bulk market at the end of 2017. At that time, the crypto currency passed the $20,000 mark.

How can this growth be explained? The price is rising sharply, listed companies suddenly see Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies are raising more and more growth money.

Turnover from the 68,000 transactions also increased: by almost 40%, to be precise at a number of $3.3 million.

The volume going through the network is also impressive: 36 billion dollars in a single quarter. In the whole of 2019, there was still talk of 32 billion dollars.

According to Silvergate, ‘the ecosystem continues to grow as more companies have Bitcoin on their balance sheet’.

Loans are also becoming more popular. A bitcoin exchange then deposits its Bitcoin at Silvergate and receives a loan in dollars in return. In quarter three, loans were made for 35.5 million dollars.

It is therefore mainly regulated American institutions that choose Silvergate as their liquidity provider and not a Tether USDT, for example. Institutional parties in particular want to run as little risk as possible when it comes to crypt currencies.

Bitcoin trading is mainly in the hands of centralized parties, which contrasts with Bitcoin’s original philosophy of decentralized payment.

However, the Bitcoin network is not dependent on these custodians. Every ten minutes a miner finds a new block containing 6.25 Bitcoin. That’s about 900 pieces a day.

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Bitcoin-Wal-Cluster benennen 3 Schlüsselniveaus für die Fortsetzung der BTC-Preiserholung

Neue Daten von Whalemap zeigen drei Wal-Cluster um 12.000 Dollar, die kurzfristig als Unterstützungs- und Widerstandsgebiete für den Bitcoin-Preis fungieren sollten.

Laut Whalemap gibt es in naher Zukunft drei große Bitcoin (BTC)-Wal-Cluster, die als wichtige technische Ebenen dienen könnten. Die Stufen 11.857 $, 12.256 $ und 12.868 $ würden wahrscheinlich als wichtige Unterstützungs- und Widerstandsgebiete dienen.

In früheren Zyklen fielen die Walaktivitäten mit bedeutenden Preisbewegungen auf entscheidenden technischen Ebenen zusammen. Zum Beispiel berichtete Cointelegraph, dass ein Wal nach jahrelangem “HODLing” für 12.000 $ verkauft wurde. In den nächsten Wochen fiel die BTC auf unter 10.000 $.

Bitcoin-Wal-Cluster. Quelle:
Was sind Wal-Cluster und warum sind sie wichtig?
Wal-Cluster bilden sich, wenn Wale Bitcoin kaufen und ihre BTC-Bestände nicht verschieben. Dies deutet darauf hin, dass Wale in den Gebieten, in denen sich die Cluster bilden, BTC akkumulieren.

Der grössere Bitcoin Wal-Cluster hat sich zu einem Preis von $11.857 gebildet, während frühere Cluster bei $11.288 bis $11.465 lagen. Kurzfristig bedeutet dies, dass die 11.857 Dollar von den Walen als ein großes Unterstützungsgebiet angesehen werden.

Nun müsste Bitcoin über 11.857 $ bleiben oder sich darüber konsolidieren, um eine breitere Rallye zu erleben. Die ideale technische Struktur für eine Fortsetzung der Rallye wäre eine Stabilisierung bei 11.900 $.

Nach einer größeren Rallye könnte eine gewisse Konsolidierung zur Neutralisierung des Terminmarktes den anhaltenden Aufwärtstrend gesünder machen.

Seit dem 2. Oktober, in etwas mehr als drei Wochen, stieg der Preis von Bitcoin um 24% gegenüber dem US-Dollar. Im gleichen Zeitraum ist Gold leicht um 0,2% gestiegen, da BTC die meisten Risiko- und Safe-Hafen-Anlagen übertroffen hat.

Während des größten Teils der Rallye wies der Terminmarkt negative oder neutrale Finanzierungsraten auf. Somit war die Rallye selbst nicht stark überfüllt und es besteht keine Gefahr eines großen Rückzugs.

Dennoch könnte eine korrigierende Preisbewegung nach einem Monat anhaltender Rallye die Aufwärtsbewegung weiter stabilisieren.

Warum sammeln die Wale bei diesen Preispunkten BTC an?

Aufgrund des Kontextes der aktuellen Rallye könnten Wale den ganzen Weg von frühen 11.000 $ bis 12.000 $ gekauft haben.

Technisch gesehen brach Bitcoin aus einer Drei-Jahres-Spanne aus, wobei die Tages-Chart den höchsten Preispunkt seit Januar 2018 bestätigte. Wie Cointelegraph berichtete, hat die tägliche Kerze von Bitcoin fast drei Jahre lang nie über 12.900 $ geschlossen.

Abgesehen von den technischen Gründen wird Bitcoin neben den Netzwerk-Fundamentaldaten auch immer stärker als potenzieller Konkurrent von Gold wahrgenommen. Folglich hat die institutionelle Nachfrage nach BTC erheblich zugenommen, wie der Aufstieg des CME Bitcoin-Futures-Marktes zeigt.

Unterdessen weisen Forscher von Santiment, einem On-Chain-Marktanalytik-Unternehmen, darauf hin, dass sich BTC offenbar von anderen Märkten abkoppelt. Während historischer Haussezyklen, in denen BTC unabhängige Preisbewegungen zeigte, hat sich das Momentum verstärkt. Sie sagten:

“$BTC hat in der Vergangenheit gedeihen können, wenn seine Abhängigkeit von den Weltmärkten und anderen Anlageklassen und Industrien minimal ist und der Handel unabhängig operieren kann, ohne von nicht-#Krypto-Ereignissen als Ablenkung gestört zu werden.
Das Zusammentreffen der Widerstandsfähigkeit der BTC oberhalb von $11.900, einem wichtigen Wal-Cluster, sowie verschiedene günstige technische Faktoren könnten dazu beitragen, dass BTC/USD kurzfristig mehrere rückläufige Signale überwinden kann, um die aktuelle Rallye aufrechtzuerhalten.


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O que são os futuros Bitcoin e como funcionam?

Os contratos de futuros têm uma longa e armazenada história – mas para os comerciantes de Bitcoin, eles desbloquearam novas estratégias.

Em resumo
Um contrato de futuros é um acordo que obriga um comerciante a comprar ou vender um ativo em um tempo, quantidade e preço específicos.
Os futuros de bitcoin ajudam a trazer liquidez adicional ao mercado e também oferecem oportunidades de arbitragem.
Como o valor comercial da Bitcoin varia, também o valor dos diferentes contratos futuros de Bitcoin Up também varia.

Bitcoin é a maior moeda criptográfica por limite de mercado. Como outras moedas criptográficas, ela também é incrivelmente volátil. Em março de 2020, por exemplo, o preço da Bitcoin caiu praticamente pela metade em apenas alguns dias, quando os mercados tombaram em meio ao medo da pandemia. No início de setembro, ele havia se recuperado de cerca de US$ 4.000 para máximos de US$ 12.000 – antes de voltar a cair prontamente, mergulhando abaixo de US$ 10.000.

Comércio à vista – a prática de comprar e vender Bitcoin força os comerciantes a trocarem moedas criptográficas a seus preços atuais. Mas e se houvesse uma maneira de fixar esse preço de $4.000, pegando a Bitcoin alguns meses depois? Então, mesmo que o preço da Bitcoin atingisse $12.000, a contraparte teria que entregar a compra da Bitcoin com $4.000.

Há! É chamado de contrato de futuros. Um contrato de futuros é um acordo entre dois comerciantes que obriga um comerciante a comprar ou vender um ativo em um tempo, quantidade e preço específicos. Por exemplo, você pode entrar num acordo em meados de março para comprar um Bitcoin por $4.000 para 30 de agosto.

Você também poderia estar do outro lado do negócio, concordando em vender uma Bitcoin por um preço fixo. Se você for um comprador, você quer que o preço comercial da Bitcoin suba, pois você será capaz de comprar a moeda criptográfica a um valor abaixo do mercado, enquanto os vendedores querem o oposto, lucrando se a Bitcoin diminuir o preço.

As pessoas ficaram loucas por contratos futuros de Bitcoin, já que grandes jogadores como CME Group e TD Ameritrade entraram no espaço. Quando os futuros Bitcoin estrearam na Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), em dezembro de 2017, o site da CBOE ficou sobrecarregado. Na Bakkt, a plataforma de futuros Bitcoin operada pela Intercontinental Exchange, cerca de 11.000 contratos de futuros são negociados a cada dia.

Nas últimas 24 horas (a partir de 10 de setembro), foram negociados $2,03 bilhões de contratos futuros em Binance; $2,01 em Huobi; $1,85 em OKEx; e $1,05 em BitMEX.

Os contratos futuros e a evolução das classes de ativos

“Os futuros BTC são uma ótima maneira de trazer liquidez adicional ao mercado e também oferecem grandes oportunidades de arbitragem”, disse Nick Cowan, CEO do GSX Group, à Decrypt. “Os futuros são uma parte importante da evolução das classes de ativos, pois fornecem um valor de referência – um valor justo, ou FV – do que é o valor futuro, permitindo a arbitragem e a liquidez para entrar no mercado”.

Você sabia?
Os contratos futuros originaram-se com samurais japoneses do século 17, que eram pagos em arroz, mas estavam fora a maior parte do ano fazendo o que quer que seja que os samurais do século 17 fazem. Mas eles queriam garantir que o arroz em que eram pagos, digamos, em fevereiro mantivesse seu valor até agosto, então eles negociaram contratos que obrigavam o signatário a pagar a quantidade equivalente de arroz em agosto, independentemente de seu valor atual.

A razão pela qual você poderia negociar futuros de Bitcoin em vez de apenas, digamos, comprar lotes de Bitcoin no valor de 4.000 dólares na época, é que você mesmo não precisava segurá-los. (Nossa analogia com o samurai japonês é útil aqui – os samurais japoneses negociavam contratos futuros para que não tivessem que armazenar o arroz eles mesmos).

Algumas bolsas criptográficas, como a OKEx, têm taxas comerciais mais baixas para contratos futuros, o que significa que os comerciantes podem espremer um pouco mais de suas contas usando futuros.

Como um trader sai de sua posição de futuros

Nick Cowan, CEO do GSX Group, disse ao Decrypt: “Os futuros BTC são uma ótima maneira de trazer liquidez adicional ao mercado e também oferecem grandes oportunidades de arbitragem”. Isso porque os contratos futuros geralmente não são mantidos até sua data de expiração. Ao invés disso, eles são negociados como outros ativos. Como o valor comercial da Bitcoin varia, também o valor dos diferentes contratos futuros de Bitcoin também varia.

Ao celebrar um contrato de futuros, há três maneiras de um negociador sair de sua posição: compensação, rollovers e expiração. A compensação é a mais comum, e ocorre quando um trader cria outro contrato futuro com valor e tamanho iguais, tornando suas obrigações efetivas zero à medida que se equilibram. A rolagem é feita por compensação de uma posição, mas com uma data de expiração que é mais adiante no futuro. A expiração é o que se espera: é quando um contrato atinge sua data final e as partes que possuem o contrato compram ou vendem pelo preço acordado.

Contratos futuros e hedging

Outro método de negociação para futuros é o hedging. A cobertura é uma forma de reduzir o risco, que é útil para comerciantes que lidam com a volatilidade das moedas criptográficas.

Considere um trader que acabou de comprar três Bitcoin a $10.000 por pop:

A cobertura reduz o risco geral de um comerciante, embora também limite seus lucros potenciais.

Futuros de Bitcoin: uma nota de cautela

O mundo dos futuros de Bitcoin não é só diversão e jogos. Assumir um contrato é uma obrigação séria, e se ele chegar a sua data de expiração, o negociante tem a obrigação legal de cumpri-lo.

Os futuros podem perder muito dinheiro, pois você pode ser forçado a comprar Bitcoin muito acima de seu preço comercial atual. As moedas criptográficas são uma das classes de ativos mais voláteis disponíveis; como em todas as moedas criptográficas, a negociação da Bitcoin é muito arriscada.

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John McAfee loses his game of hide and seek with the American authorities and gets picked up in Spain

The fugitive caught in the net – It had to happen someday. The whimsical billionaire John McAfee will have to explain himself on his “Pump & Dump” tweets from various shitcoin ICOs. In fact, in addition to being arrested for his tax evasion, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is asking for a lawsuit against him.

End of tax run for John McAfee

If we occasionally evoke the escapades and thunderous declarations of John McAfee (creator of the eponymous antivirus), it could be this time that the game gets complicated for good for the billionaire on the run.

According to a press release dated October 5, the Department of Justice US, an indictment against John David McAfee to tax evasion and willful failure to fulfill its tax returns has been revealed.

The indictment, initially released on June 15, 2020, was revealed to the public following McAfee’s arrest in Spain , where he is now being held pending extradition .

According to the indictment, John McAfee would have “made millions of dollars promoting cryptocurrency” , but that from 2014 to 2018, he would not have filed a tax return.

The document also specifies that the billionaire tried to evade the IRS (the US tax authorities) by concealing assets , including real estate, a vehicle and a yacht, on behalf of other people.

The maximum penalties are 5 years in prison for tax evasion and one year in prison for failure to file a tax return.

The SEC adds a layer

The troubles don’t end there for John McAfee, as the SEC files a lawsuit against the billionaire for his many declared supporters of questionable cryptocurrency projects .

In this complaint filed with the Federal Court of New York, the SEC accuses him of having violated several US laws on securities (securities) . And not just a little! According to the document, McAfee would have hit a hell of a lot of money to promote Initial Coin Offerings (ICO):

“McAfee has received over $ 11.6 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) and ethers (ETH), plus an additional $ 11.5 million from promoted tokens, as undisclosed compensation for its promotions of seven ICOs. ”

The “small” tips McAfee hit to promote shitcoin ICOs

Everything goes there in this document, and when we say everything: even his betting story involving the consumption of his manhood , if the price of Bitcoin did not reach $ 1 million before the end of 2020:

“McAfee made extravagant posts (like tweeting predictions about BTC price increases and promising to ‘eat my [her sex] on national television’ if those predictions didn’t come true) and made interviews about his BTC predictions that generated huge publicity for him. ”

In all, the SEC makes 8 claims for redress against John McAfee, in favor of the investors he has wronged.

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  • Ethereum hat in letzter Zeit aufgrund eines Zustroms von Transaktionsnachfrage immense Überlastungen erlebt.
  • Die Transaktionsnachfrage ergibt sich aus der Zunahme dezentralisierter Finanzierungsanträge, die eine große Menge an Blockfläche beanspruchen.
  • Die ETH-Mineure haben so viele Gebühren erhoben, dass die Daten zeigen, dass sie im September achtmal mehr Transaktionsgebühren als die Bitcoin-Mineure verdienten.
  • Befürworter von Ethereum sagen, dies sei ein positives Zeichen für die Kryptowährung, da sie dem Netzwerk mehr Sicherheit geben könne.
  • Wie dem auch sei, dies ist einer von vielen positiven fundamentalen Faktoren für Ethereum.
  • Es ist jedoch unklar, ob diese Fundamentalfaktoren ausreichen werden, um den Preis der ETH nach oben zu treiben.


Laut Ian Lee, einem auf Ethereum fokussierten Venture-Investor und Analysten, gab es im September eine große Diskrepanz bei den Transaktionsgebühren, die von den beiden obersten Blockketten erhoben wurden.

Unter Bezugnahme auf Daten von Glassnode, einer Firma für Blockkettendaten, stellte Lee fest, dass die Ethereum-Minenarbeiter im September Transaktionskosten in Höhe von 166 Millionen Dollar eingenommen haben. Im selben Zeitraum nahmen die Bitcoin-Minenarbeiter relativ geringe 26 Millionen Dollar an Transaktionsgebühren ein.

Das bedeutet, dass die Ethereum-Bergleute im Laufe des Septembers etwa achtmal so viel wie die Bitcoin Fast Profit -Bergleute allein an Transaktionsgebühren verdienten. Dabei wird die Blocksubvention nicht mitgezählt, aber es handelt sich um eine ziemlich starke Trendwende.

Die Dominanz von Ethereum im Bereich der Transaktionsgebühren ist darauf zurückzuführen, dass die DeFi einen starken Anstieg der Annahme von DeFi verzeichnet.

Dieses Segment des Kryptomarktes hat viele Benutzer angezogen, die Gewinne erzielen wollen. Plattformen wie Uniswap, MakerDAO, Aave und andere bieten den Benutzern einen Anreiz, mehr Transaktionen über Ethereum zu senden als je zuvor, was die Transaktionsgebühren in die Höhe treibt.


Die hohen Einnahmen der ETH aus Transaktionsgebühren sind ein fundamentaler Faktor, sagen Analysten, da sie zeigen, dass die Blockkette ihre Konkurrenten schlägt.

Dies ist nur einer von vielen positiven fundamentalen Faktoren für Ethereum, die in den letzten Wochen geteilt wurden.

Zum einen sind Skalierungslösungen in der Entwicklung, während ich dies schreibe. Zum einen wird das ETH2-Upgrade, das die Blockkette überarbeiten wird, um die Transaktionsgeschwindigkeit und den Durchsatz zu erhöhen, voraussichtlich im November auf den Markt kommen.

Es ist unklar, ob diese fundamentalen Faktoren die ETH in naher Zukunft nach oben treiben werden. Die Krypto-Währung wurde kürzlich am kritischen Widerstand im Bereich zwischen 365 und 375 Dollar abgelehnt, was darauf hindeutet, dass sie sich in Richtung der Tiefststände im Bereich korrigieren könnte, bevor sie sich – wenn überhaupt – nach oben bewegt.

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